who we are

We are a group of men and women of different nationalities and professional backgrounds, who work together to deliver in practice ideals of integration, collaboration and mutual support, which we believe makes life genuinely worth living.

The e-commerce has been realized with the contribution of the Call Participation 2020 of INTERSOS and UNHCR thanks to the support of the Proloco of Camini (RC).

Participation – Actions for the protection and the participation of refugeesis the INTERSOS and UNHCR programme which promotes the protection and active participation of refugees in the economic, social and cultural life in Italy and which aims to strengthen the skills of refugee associations and territorial organisations.

The PROLOCO “PASSERELLI RINALDI SISTO” of Camini, for years has been promoter and partner of actions to promote the territory and actions of meeting and exchange and mutual enrichment between refugees and the local community. The Pro Loco believes that the fundamental aspect of the social and cultural development of the country derives from the metissage, the meeting of different realities and cultures and from the ability to create a network of partnerships – formal and informal – between associations and individuals from different worlds, carriers of different experiences and different knowledge.

The staff

Serena Tallarico, Doctor, Project Manager “Ama-La" Eurocoop Servizi
Ph. D Psychology, Medical Anthropologist.

Giuliano Ienco. Trainer Ama-La weaving craft to the frame.

Caterina Niutta. Trainer Ama-La Eco-printing, natural dyes and handcrafted creations.

Douaa Mohammed Alokhla, trainee, Project Manager Assistant.

The weavers craftswoman and seamstresses:


  • Happy Felix, textile artisan trainee;
  • Harmony Emmanuel,textile artisan trainee;
  • Ilhaan Xasan, textile artisan trainee;
  • Yaram Lo, textile artisan trainee;
  • Majida Khalouf, textile artisan trainee;
  • Amal Alokla, textile artisan trainee.