Live a unique human and artisan experience in Camini, a village of arts, crafts and hospitality. Stay in the widespread hotel and participate to the workshops to learn ancient craft techniques We look forward to seeing you at Camini!

NB: You can spend the 2020 holiday bonus with us, find out how to do it by reading the instructions that you find further down on this page.


(300 euros per person)

  • 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) in our widespread hotel;
  • Handicraft courses and courses for children of your choice;
  • full-board
  • Apartments for 2 to 6 people, maximum capacity of 30 people.

CAMINI EXPERIENCEwas created with the aim of developing hospitality
lodging in our widespread hotel favoring slow tourism and the seasonal adjustment of visits.

You will deeply immerse yourself in a multicultural and welcoming community, we will show you our artisan and food and wine traditions.

Our cooperative, Eurocoop Servizi, offers you activities for the whole family:

  • artistic workshops for children
  • lutherie and wood carving courses
  • Cutting, Sewing and Modeling course
  • Ceramics & pottery courses
  • loom weaving and macrame courses
  • courses in eco-printing and natural dyes
  • paper jewelry courses
  • traditional Calabrian, ethnic, Syrian and world cooking courses.

Dont’t visit Camini, live it!

To have informations and to reserve :
Contact us by calling our numbers +39 0964 733149 – +39 0964 733245, or by writing an email to


    The national italien decree of May 13 added an opportunity that we are happy to be able to apply to all our customers: families with an Isee income of up to 40,000 euros will be able to take advantage of a holiday bonus of up to 500 euros to book a holiday with us.

    All information on how to get the Holiday Bonus to use for your booking can be found on the Revenue Italien Agencywebsite. Below we report the salient information and how to use it with us.

    What it is and who can receive it

    The holiday bonus is a contribution paid by the government in the Relaunch decree that allows access to a credit of up to 500 euros to be spent on tourist services.
    All families with an Isee income of up to 40 thousand euros can apply for the holiday bonus, for an amount that varies according to the composition of the family:
    ● € 500 for families consisting of three or more individuals
    ● € 300 for families of two persons
    ● € 150 per nucleus consisting of a single person

    When it should be used

    The holiday bonus can be spent from 1 July to 31 December 2020 for a holiday in Italy. Not just in the summer you can use it, you have a wild choice that give you mani possibilities … impossible not to use it!


    The holiday bonus can be used at our widespread hotel. 80% of the value of your holiday bonus will be a direct discount on your booking, the remaining 20% ​​can be recovered in the form of a tax deduction in the 2021 tax return.

    How do you get it

    To obtain the bonus, first of all, you must have received the ISEE 2020 certificate, which demonstrates an income of up to 40 thousand euros. If you do not have a valid ISEE or it is higher than € 40,000, the bonus cannot be paid. How is the ISEE 2020 certification required? Through the Substitutive Declaration
    Unica (DSU) thanks to INPS (you can activate independently through the INPS website or ask for support from a caaf).

    Here are some links that may be useful to you:

    How to use it

    In order to use the Holiday Bonus with Eurocoop Servizi it will be necessary to follow these 3 simple steps.
    1. Download the free IO app, the public services application you find on digitalstores, and follow the instructions to obtain the UNIQUE CODE.
    2. When booking, call +39 333 5962167 / +39 0964 733149 / +390964 733245.
    3. Ask for availability and communicate your UNIQUE CODE and the amount of the Holiday Bonus together with the beneficiary’s Name, Surname and Tax Code.
    4. In case of availability, the reservation will be confirmed and you will have to proceed with the discounted payment of 80% of the amount of the Holiday Bonus.

    N.B. In the case that the Holiday Bonus is used for the purchase of a tourist service, at the time of check-in the property will carry out a second check on the Revenue Agency website to check again the validity of the Unique Code.
    If this is no longer valid because, for example, already used in another booking, the customer is required to pay the additional amount of the voucher beforeproceeding to enter the facility.

    Bonus exclusions

    The 2020 holiday bonus applies exclusively to Italian accommodation facilities and excludes means of transport.